Training and development: what you can expect

We offer our people a range of courses, most of which are developed by our very own specialists and delivered by our internal trainers along with carefully selected partners. As well as the more traditional training courses, we provide e-learning programmes which you can access at any time once you join us.

Our programmes include:

Management Development

We understand every manager is different. That's why each of our management development programmes are tailored to your individual needs. For those just starting their management journey we have a 3 day programme designed to give you those essential skills. Our Level 3 and Level 4 Management Apprenticeship programmes will allow you to grow and develop whilst getting to grips with those management challenges.

For those looking to learn and grow whilst at work we offer a range of apprenticeships that give you the knowledge and skills to really build on your technical expertise!
Legal Training

Center Parcs is committed to the safety and well-being of employees, guests, visitors, contractors and local communities alike who are in any way affected by our activities. In order to maintain this commitment, we train all staff in the principle of safe working practices as part of their initial induction and through a programme of refresher training.

The courses are developed primarily by a range of specialists within the business, with over 80% delivered by our Internal Trainer network. The Center Parcs Learning Academy is used as an e-Learning tool and as an alternative to classroom based training, allowing our employees to learn at their own pace in a time convenient for them.

Technical & Professional Training

Technical & Professional development is about improving the skills and knowledge of individuals, where appropriate to their job role.

The overall aim of Technical and Professional development is to retain talent through on-going investment in training and grow the business by ensuring all our colleagues have up to date and relevant skills.

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